Tanger Med expects full utilization of the new port in 2024

Tanger Med Expects Full Utilization Of The New Port In 2024

The Port of Tangier Med, Africa, and the Mediterranean’s largest port, is hosting the inaugural edition of TOC Africa, a pivotal international event to propel the maritime and logistics sector forward. The port anticipates increased port activity in the upcoming years, especially with the inauguration of new terminals at Tangier Med 2. By the end of 2024, it’s expected to reach its maximum capacity of 9.5 million TEU.

TOC Africa is a collaborative initiative between Tanger Med, Informa, and TOC Worldwide. This event, taking place in Tangier across two days, congregates representatives from 39 countries, 22 port authorities, and 50 port and logistics entities, alongside over 40 international speakers. Traditionally held in Rotterdam, Singapore, and Panama, this marks the event’s first organization in Africa.

At the event, Tanger Med showcased its rapid development since its 2007 inception into an integrated industrial and port platform, aiming to amplify Morocco’s and Africa’s logistical competitiveness.

Mohammed Abdeljalil, the Moroccan Minister of Transport and Logistics, lauded the port as a paradigmatic development model for future projects, including the under-construction ports of Nador and Dakhla.

Fouad Brini, the president of the Tangier Med group, highlighted the port’s crucial role in regional and global trade, boasting connections to over 180 ports across 77 countries.

In the first half of 2023, the Port of Tangier Med witnessed a 12 percent increase in activity compared to the previous year, as Hassan Abkari, General Manager of Tangier Med Port Authority, reported. This growth is attributed to the commissioning of various container terminals at Tangier Med 2, which was initiated in 2019.

Abkari forecasts continued growth over the next two to three years, facilitated by the opening of 800 meters of quay at Tanger Med 2, occurring in two phases. This expansion will incrementally boost traffic, allowing the port to utilize its capacity fully. Subsequently, the focus will shift towards optimizing the infrastructure.

The Port of Tangier Med also plays a role in the Nador West Med project, whose basic infrastructure is nearly complete. Abkari revealed that an operator would be assigned to the project early next year, with commissioning expected within 24 months.

The Tanger Med group also includes MedHub, a subsidiary focused on developing logistics zones. Managing a hundred-hectare logistics zone with nearly a hundred active clients, including top global logistics firms like DHL, Dascher, and Ceva, MedHub aims to disseminate its expertise to local logistics players, thereby enhancing service quality. According to Rachid Houari, the general manager of MedHub, this successful model is planned to be replicated in at least five other Moroccan cities.

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