Stunning Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary in the City Nador

Nature Of Nador City Morocco

The salt tidal pond off and toward the city’s east draws in untamed life, mainly transitory feathered creatures.

The secured wetlands at Oued Moulouya and Kariat Arekman by the Moulouya River mouth are home to more noteworthy pink flamingos, extraordinary peaked grebes, avocets, dark-winged stilts, coots, dunlins, oystercatchers, Audouin’s gulls, dim herons, little egrets, spotted redshanks, dark followed godwits, regular redshanks, kingfishers, dark terns, and various types of terns and gulls.

Like a place of refuge for fowls, locals often visit this region due to its characteristic environment. Significant freshwater and saline destinations cover enormous areas of ensured sand ridges, bog, and swampland. Creepy crawlies incorporate damselflies, Caelifera, and various others. The greenery includes marram grass, juniper, and Cistus, and the sky is the limit.

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