Germany pushes for hydrogen pipeline with Morocco for green steel production

Germany Pushes For Hydrogen Pipeline With Morocco For Green Steel Production

Germany is taking a significant step towards achieving its goal of reducing carbon emissions by pushing for a hydrogen pipeline with Morocco. This pipeline would be used specifically for green steel production, a sector that is notorious for its high carbon footprint. By partnering with Morocco, Germany aims to tap into the country’s abundant renewable energy resources, particularly solar power, to produce green hydrogen. This collaboration has the potential to revolutionize the steel industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Morocco Call to Action Averting the Impending Water Shortage

Morocco Call To Action Averting The Impending Water Shortage

In response to the pressing and ever-looming specter of water scarcity, the Moroccan government has issued a clarion call to action, beseeching the governors of every region, prefecture, and province to embark on a journey of comprehensive measures aimed at averting the impending water shortage crisis.

Airplane used for insect control in Nador

The local authority has inaugurated a substantial endeavor to mitigate the vexation of mosquitos significantly within Nador province. A chopper from the Royal Gendarmerie was deployed for this mission.

Commencing with the advent of the festival period, this initiative has its sights set on various locales notorious for insect proliferation. Specifically, it focuses on the ecology of dales, brooks, arboreal regions, and wooded expanses.

The endeavor is aimed at vast congregations of pernicious insects that occasionally are vectors for maladies. The chopper’s involvement ensures expansive coverage.

This campaign initiates its daily operations at the crack of dawn and is slated to continue till the middle of June.

Some surprising facts about fruits and vegetables from Morocco

Some Surprising Facts About Fruits And Vegetables From Morocco

Morocco’s agricultural sector burgeons as a linchpin of its economy, constituting 14 percent of its gross domestic product and providing employment to 40 percent of its workforce. The nation emerges as a formidable force in the global arena of horticulture, catering both to its domestic needs and international markets.

Renowned for its exports, Morocco dispatches a medley of produce, including tomatoes, avocados, blueberries, raspberries, and mandarins. Conversely, it imports staples like dates and raisins to satiate local demand.

Morocco Preps for Tsunami Preparedness Exercise NEAMWave 23

Morocco Participates In International Tsunami Exercise Photo

Morocco is preparing for a potential tsunami in the NEAM region by participating in an international exercise called NEAMWave 23. The exercise, organized by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, will occur on November 6 and 7.

Stunning Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary in the City Nador

Nature Of Nador City Morocco

The salt tidal pond off and toward the city’s east draws in untamed life, mainly transitory feathered creatures.

The secured wetlands at Oued Moulouya and Kariat Arekman by the Moulouya River mouth are home to more noteworthy pink flamingos, extraordinary peaked grebes, avocets, dark-winged stilts, coots, dunlins, oystercatchers, Audouin’s gulls, dim herons, little egrets, spotted redshanks, dark followed godwits, regular redshanks, kingfishers, dark terns, and various types of terns and gulls.

Like a place of refuge for fowls, this region is often visited by locals due to its characteristic environment. Significant freshwater and saline destinations cover enormous areas of ensured sand ridges, bog, and swampland. Creepy crawlies incorporate damselflies, Caelifera, and various others. The greenery includes marram grass, juniper, and Cistus, and the sky is the limit.