CNN tips Morocco as one of the top destinations for 2024

CNN Tips Morocco As One Of The Top Destinations For 2024

CNN tips Morocco as one of the top destinations for 2024. With its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, Morocco is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an immersive and authentic experience. From the bustling markets of Marrakech to the ancient ruins of Volubilis, this North African country offers a unique blend of history, tradition, and natural beauty.

Nador West Med Port on 2023

Nador West Med Port On 2023

The Nador West Med industrial port is around 45% full, and builders anticipate completing the mission by the top of 2022.

Development is underway within the strategic bay of Betoya, 30 kilometers from the city of Nador. The mission features a new port infrastructure and an industrial, logistics, and repair-free zone.

The primary part of the Nador West Med port will encompass a primary dike, or a barrier used to control or maintain water from the ocean, of 4,300 meters and a secondary dike of 1,200 meters again. The primary part may also embody a container quay, or dock, of 1,520 meters that may accommodate the biggest container ships. There may also be a quay for basic items of 600 meters, accommodating the biggest service provider ships.

Tourism Nador city Marocco

Tourism Nador City Marocco Photo

During the late spring, Nador attracts many Moroccan migrants from Europe who contribute to the city’s development by buying property, supporting their families, and boosting local trade and tourism. King Mohammed VI also wanted to attract foreign tourists, so he ordered local governors to improve the city’s appearance. This includes using metal or wooden seats instead of plastic ones in restaurants, painting houses appropriately, and expanding the main road along the sea. The old Rif Hotel was demolished, and a new hotel complex is being built under the supervision of Khalid El Adouli. It will cater to high-end tourism and business clients, offering various amenities such as a discotheque and meeting rooms. A new resort called Abdouna Trifa is also being developed outside of Nador, featuring holiday homes, a golf course, and a marina. King Mohammed VI initiated this ten-year development plan which involves various companies. The completed project will include villas, apartments, hotels, a golf course, and other tourist facilities.